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Life is short, don't spend it waiting in line.

Move your queue to the cloud today!
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SMS Virtual Queueing

Increase customer satisfaction and boost sales while reducing employee stress through the use of Queue Management System (QMS) technology. Don't make your customers wait.

Configure custom SMS workflows

The WhyQ virtual queue system can customise SMS workflows for your business - do you need to know how many people in a group or what service they are require? WhyQ will do this for you. Any custom SMS workflow required to suit your business queue workflow.
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Be in control at all times

The WhyQ admin panel lets you know when your customers will arrive. Notify customers via SMS when it's their turn with a single button.
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Join via SMS, QR or Tablet

GPS tracking display for your service areas. Sound alerts and wait time alerts. Send messages directly to your customers.
whyq works with qr!
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