Contactless Pick Up

Express Pickup provides quick, efficient and safe contactless pickup for your customers.


Customers can Pickup via SMS, App or both!

Fast Pickup

Track Customer with GPS so your staff are ready. Average service of less then 6 minutes

Onsite Tracking Display

GPS tracking display for your services areas, sound alerts and wait time alerts

How it works.....

Customer places order
via online cart.

Customer is notified once order has been prepared for pickup.

Customers GPS ETA & order details on Staff-facing interactive dashboard

Customer parks in designated “Express Pick Up” space and “marks arrival” via app or text message.

Staff bring out goods and load into the customers car.

Happy Customer – Contact Free!

Use our free Express iOS or Android App or Q-API

We publish the app to your app store accounts or Integrates with third-party delivery services

Easy Set up

Low deployment cost and our technicians take only one day to install and test

Request an Information pack

Learn more about our platform.

Or CALL US ON: (510) 296-3706

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